Real Money Online Casinos in New Zealand

New Zealanders are legally allowed to play real money online casinos on their desktop or mobile, make real money bets, and win real cash in games. So why not use this to your advantage? There are so many high quality online casinos for New Zealand out there, offering both free and real money games, bonuses, Free Spins, loyalty rewards, and fast payouts!

Today, the online casino gambling industry is way more safe, reliable, and transparent than it was years ago. Online casino real money nz sites are licensed and regulated, and strive to attract players by offering fair and comprehensive playing conditions. Moreover, sending and getting real money online has never been easier, and the number of payment options is increasing every year.

We believe these are ideal conditions to start playing online casino real money games, either for pure entertainment, or even in high hopes of hitting a life-changing jackpot! This review is provided to help you choose the best real money casino for NZ!

Top List of Online Casinos for Real Money in 2021

Offline and online gambling for real money niche in New Zealand has been improving and developing all these years, since the dawn of the Internet, and by now, there are a bunch of truly reliable, safe, and protected online casinos opened for Kiwis.

However, there are two main pitfalls when talking about choosing an online casino for real money play. These pitfalls are innate to the industry and therefore cannot be changed by progress.

Firstly, due to abundance of offers, and new online casinos popping out every month, some scammy and fraudulent sites still sneak in, and try to lure in inexperienced players who are not yet skillful enough to tell a good casino from a suspicious one.

Secondly, while high quality casinos follow license requirements and various regulations to provide proper service, some of their playing rules may just not be beneficial enough for the players, even if the safety and reliability aspects are completely in place. Some things are left to the mercy of the casino operator to decide upon.

These are the reasons why choosing a reliable and quality real money online casino for NZ can still be a challenge. And this is why we have collected a list of the best online casinos for real money for NZ below, to save your time, and help you opt for the best site!

Online Gambling for Real Money in NZ

Playing online casinos for fun is, obviously, fun, but playing casino games with real money bets brings even more entertainment and excitement. At the same time, online casino sites for real money are totally legit, and moreover, they are not limited to one or two platforms strictly regulated by the local government. Due to the current egaming legislation, Kiwis are free to choose any gambling website they like, and make real money bets.

To stay on the safe side, and make your gambing fun not only entertaining but also potentially profitable, learn more about best online casinos for real money for NZ in this overview.

Legitimacy of Real Money Casinos

First things first, real money gambling sites are completely legal in New Zealand. Until they are not operated from New Zealand.

Local government allows and fully regulates land based gambling facilities in New Zealand. However, doing the same thing for real money casinos online is a completely different story, and the legislation is just not ready for this industry. However, completely banning and blocking the niche also requires resources and a legal basis. Therefore, the government has chosen the third way (and in fact many governments do so when it comes to online casinos) – they allow locals to play at real money online casinos, but local casino operators are not allowed to run online casinos that pay real money for local players.

This way, Kiwis can play at any social casino or real money gambling platform they like, until the platform accepts them legally as players. Gamblers are never persecuted and are not expected to pay taxes on winnings. All limitations work only for NZ casino operators. However, this will probably change soon, and local online casinos will appear, too.

How to Play for Free

Many people interested in casino games ask whether there is any chance of playing for free. And in fact, there are three free casino play options you can consider before playing for real money.

The first option is Demo mode (also called Practice mode or Fun mode). This mode is usually available at many casino sites that display their lobbies to unregistered visitors. Even if you have no casino account, you can play the majority of games in the lobby free of charge, and without limits (unless you lose all your Demo mode virtual currency but this is unlikely). Only Live Dealer games and Progressive jackpots are usually not available in Demo mode. Some casino sites only allow Demo mode for registered customers, but we believe sharing your sensitive data with a site only to play for free makes little sense.

The second option is social casinos. You should actually register there, and deposit a small amount of money for the service, to buy the in-game currency. Then, you can make bets in games, and win in-game currency and all kinds of bonuses and prizes, but these are not real money and can never be cashed out. Social casinos only work for fun, but there is still some risk of developing a gambling addiction, and even without winning any money, so we actually have doubts about the benefits of social casinos.

And eventually, you can enjoy online casino play for real money at real casino sites, bet real money, and win real money, without depositing your own real money in the first place. This is possible if you claim a No Deposit bonus at a site that offers this type of promotion. Yet, to withdraw what you win, you will still have to make a small deposit. And we can tell you how to do that.

Ways of Real Money Depositing

Depositing real money to a parlour site is not that of a hurdle if you choose the right deposit method. The best real money casinos offer the following methods for depositing:

When considering a banking method for depositing, read both deposit and withdrawal rules on the Terms and Conditions page. Make sure you can either use the banking option you prefer for depositing, to withdraw your funds later, or if you cannot, you can choose a different method for cashout. This is important, because some casinos only allow withdrawals to the same channel used previously for depositing, which will be a failure if you use, say, Neosurf.

Another important aspect to consider is currency. Most Kiwis who want to play at real money casinos would prefer depositing and withdrawing in NZD. However, read T&C document carefully and make sure you can also bet in NZD. Some sites, since they are not registered in New Zealand, only make internal calculations (including bets) in international currencies, like USD or EUR. If so, you will face double currency exchange, which is not good. Bottom line – opt for casinos that accept bets in NZD, deposit in the casino’s default currency, or use cryptocurrencies.

How To Deposit

The process of depositing is easy. Use this step by step instruction:

How to Make Bets

We strongly recommend playing casino games in free mode before you start making real money bets. It makes sense checking out the range of games, their tech specs, features, and especially RTP rates.

After you decide what games you prefer most of all, just open the game, set the desired size of the bet, and start playing. Most games pay in coins, and then the coin value is calculated according to the game rules.

Please keep in mind that, if you have an active bonus, the choice of games, and the maximum bet size will be limited for you until you meet the wagering requirements for the bonus.

Real Money Mobile Casinos for Kiwis

More Kiwis prefer playing their favourite casino games on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices are more convenient and can be used anywhere, not just at the desk, which is a huge advantage. This is why real money casinos for NZ adapt to this trend.

Almost all online casinos for New Zealand are already mobile-compatible, and allow playing their games from mobile by simply opening the mobile version of the site in browser. Mobile versions of the sites are sleeker and faster, and any parlour that wants to be competitive must go mobile.

Some quality mobile casinos for real money also offer official mobile applications for gambling. These work seamlessly with the OS they are created for, and are updated frequently. Many advanced mobile casino gamblers in NZ prefer mobile apps for gambling.

Mobile Payments

If you are into mobile casino gambling, and prefer to play real money games on the go or as a time kill, you should also consider using mobile payment options. Having all apps in one place is convenient, safe, and will help you deposit and withdraw faster.

At the time of writing, some of the most popular mobile payments for Kiwis include:

Using official mobile apps for payments, you will have better control over your spendings, and it will be easier for you to track the payouts from parlour sites. Paying via an official app is safer than opening the ewallet via the browser every time.

Benefits of Playing for Real Money

People that prefer playing online casino games for free state that the main benefits of such an approach are unlimited fun, and no financial risk. People that prefer playing for real money state that their main benefit is obviously winning real cash simply by playing games!

However, there are more benefits of playing real money casinos. Here they are:

Real Money Casino Games

When playing real money online casinos and betting with real funds, the gambler gets access to a wide array of games in the lobby. In contrast to Demo mode playing, they can play Live Dealer games and Progressive Jackpots. Other casino games usually include the following categories:

There are games of skill and games of chance. Games that only rely on luck, and do not require any background knowledge or skill, are games of chance. These are Slots, Jackpots, Scratch cards, Drops and Wins, Bingo, Keno, etc. Games of chance are recommended to all beginner gamblers, because the outcomes of the bets are only defined by the Random Number Generator, and cannot be changed.

Games of skill require certain skill and experience, but with those, the player can increase the odds of winning more, by making correct in-play decisions. Such games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, etc. These games require lots of practice; the most entertaining games of skill are those hosted by Live Dealers.

Real Money Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the best things about real money casinos for NZ.

Only gamblers who deposit real funds to parlour sites get access to various bonuses and promotions. The most widespread promotions include:

The majority of online casino bonuses offer either Free Spins, or some free cash.

The Free Spins are issued only for slots. They are free because the value of the bet is paid for by the parlour site, while the player owns all the winnings.

Free cash is usually added as a top-up bonus when the player also deposits their own cash. As a rule, the parlour adds a percentage of the initial deposit – from 25% to 400% match to the initial deposit, in cash.

All bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, which is the number of times the player needs to wager the bonus in real money games. If they manage to wager through the bonus and still have money on their balance, they can cash it out.

Casino bonuses are generous and often beneficial, this is why most gamblers prefer to make real money bets, and take advantage of all the bonuses and promotions.

Real Money Online Casino FAQ

To choose a reliable and secure online casino for real cash, check the following aspects: license, reputation, banking, software providers, games, bonuses, Customer Support.

Yes, winning real cash at an online casino is completely possible. For this, opt for the best real money casino which is reliable and safe, and actually pays the winnings out to its players. If you play according to the rules, and if you are lucky enough to win, you will be able to withdraw your winnings!

Return To Player rate is the percentage of all bets the player can return in the game, in the long turn. For example, if you play a game of slots and spend $100 in bets, and the game’s RTP rate is 95%, you are statistically likely to win $95 back, if you play long enough. The RTP rates are indicated to show how well the game pays, in general.

No, in New Zealand, online casino players are not expected to pay taxes on what they win on gambling sites. Exceptions can be made for big jackpot winners.

The speed of cashout depends on two factors - the speed of withdrawal request processing by the casino, and the speed of transaction possible for your preferred banking method. Most of the time, withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours, while cashout via different banking methods can take from 1 to 5 business days.

Yes, until the online casino is run from abroad.

That depends. Some sites are licensed, certified, regulated, and have solid reputation online, so they can be trusted. Other sites are low quality, or can be scammy. This is why choosing an online casino can be hard.

Each country takes its own approach to online gambling regulations. New Zealand allows online gambling on sites operated from abroad.

In New Zealand, most of the time you will be able to bet with NZD. Other currencies can be AUD, USD, EUR, other fiat currencies, and of course cryptocurrencies.