Best New Zealand Online Casinos in 2021

So many new online casinos for New Zealand appear every year, that in 2021, it is absolutely necessary to check out each casino website to see if it stands out among others. This is why we have created a complete overview of the best New Zealand online casinos in 2021. All NZ gamblers are welcome to check out the overview below!

Top Online Casinos for New Zealand players

Currently, there are literally thousands of online casino sites available, and new sites appear every now and then. However, not all of them are proper and convenient for New Zealand, and even NZ-friendly casinos are not always worthy of attention. Check out our list of recommended sites, to only opt for the top casinos for New Zealand!

Choosing Online Casino for Kiwis

While there are so many casino sites, you can’t just pick any and play for real cash immediately. There are two reasons for that.

Firstly, not all websites are reliable and safe enough for real money play. There is a set of criteria to double-check before trusting any online casino with your money. International and local egaming regulating authorities put a lot of effort into making egambling more transparent, and to make the niche safer for the customers, but scammy sites can still be around.

Secondly, not all reliable and secure casino sites that are completely legitimate also have equally beneficial playing conditions for the customers. While there are certain regulations in terms of legitimacy and safety that NZ online casinos have to follow, there are basically no regulations that can make online casino sites offer only beneficial playing conditions. In this aspect, each website operator chooses as they please. This is why NZ online casino reviews are so popular, since people are trying to figure out positive and negative playing conditions offered to them by casino online NZ sites.

Regardless of the type of games you are interested in – pokies, Table Games, Live Dealer games, Progressives, crypto games – it is crucial to choose legic sites that offer beneficial conditions.

The Key Criteria

When choosing an online casino NZ site for yourself, pay attention to the following criteria:

It does not matter if you would like to play for real money and win some cash in top online casino NZ games, hit a life changing win in a jackpot, or even play for fun without depositing at all – choose a safe and reliable site at all times.

Remember that, when you register with the best casino online to only play in the Practice mode, you still trust this site with your personal data and sensitive information. If the site turns out to be scammy, they can steal or sell your data. If the site is not protected enough, they can lose your sensitive data to a breach. Do not register with sites that do not bother to provide you with the full information about their rules, licenses, and policies.

We strongly recommend reading best online casino reviews before you start playing NZ top online casino games.

New Mobile Casinos

The number of casino online gamblers that prefer mobile devices to laptops for regular gambling increases globally every year. Talking specifically about New Zealand, around 70% of all NZ gamblers use their smartphones and tablets to play casino online NZ games – some from time to time, others only gamble from mobile devices.

To meet this new reality, online casinos have to meet an important requirement of being mobile-compatible. It means that the new online casino site’s design and navigation should have a mobile version adapted for the OS and screen size.

The majority of online casinos make their websites mobile-compatible, so that the users could open the website via browser on their mobile device and find a mobile version right away. This is handy because it allows to play when the person feels like playing, kill time, have fun when it is convenient, without being chained to the desk.

On the other hand, many top online casinos NZ take it a step further and release official mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. As a rule, apps are better, because they are lighter, faster, sleeker, and can easily be updated (or bugs fixed quickly). Applications are free to download, and are often available right on the desktop version of the site.

Many mobile New Zealand online casino gamblers prefer apps due to all the conveniences, but there is a catch with mobile casino apps, because their lobbies are usually way smaller than those of mobile-compatible websites. The reason why is because apps require specific gambling software – games – also to be available on mobile devices. Today, more and more software providers make their game completely mobile-compatible, but if we compare the number of mobile casino games with all the rest, this quantity is not enough to keep a gambler happy for a really long time.

The bottom line – mobile casino applications are faster and more seamless in functioning, but may have a limited choice of games compared to mobile-compatible casino platforms.

To play casino online games on mobile beneficially, one also has to choose well. Explore the casino site or app, read reviews, and ensure you make an informed choice.

Payment Methods

One of the key criteria for many New Zealanders wanting to make some real money bets at casinos online is whether the casino site accepts payments (and later sends the payouts!) in NZD. Obviously it is more convenient to be able to deposit, bet, and withdraw in local currency for the majority of gamblers.

Currency Nuances

When checking out the best online casinos NZ and making the lists of recommended casinos, we always pay attention to whether the site accepts NZD. However, there is a nuance some players fail to recognize, and it is called the default currency rule. This rule means that the casino site does accept New Zealand Dollars for deposits, and pays the withdrawals in NZD, too, but all bets and all internal calculations are made in a different currency, usually USD or EUR.

The reason why this happens is because the casino does not target New Zealand only, but several countries at a time, and some online NZ casinos do not bother adding new currencies for payments, while some sites may not be allowed to do so depending on the jurisdiction where the online casino operator is registered and licensed. As a result, the casino accepts different currencies, but all payments get automatically converted into the default currency for internal payments and bets. This way, the player faces double currency conversion and loses money on fees.

Not all online casinos in New Zealand do so, but some do. This is why it is so important to pay attention both to the payment methods available, and the currencies allowed.

Payment Processing Companies

New Zealand has many various options for online payments, and the government does not limit or prevent people from paying to casino online sites, or getting payments from them. This is why NZ gamblers can enjoy a wide variety of banking options, and be as flexible in their casino payments as possible.

The most popular and convenient payments options for the best online casino NZ deposits and payouts include:

It must be considered, however, that each best online casino NZ has different options, and different combinations of payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Some sites, due to various reasons, may allow a payment method for deposit, but disallow it for withdrawal, and vice versa. Also, for some players, it may turn out more convenient to send money via one method but receive it via the other. This is why payment methods are one of the crucial aspects and must be double-checked thoroughly and early by every player.

How We Choose Best Online Casino for NZ

Our team has spent many years researching the NZ casino online gambling niche, and we have developed a very comprehensive, precise, and transparent system of criteria to evaluate online casinos NZ, to choose the best, and to expose low quality ones.

When choosing online casino sites for the recommended NZ top online casinos list, we explore the sites in and out, checking all the information available, and research the site’s and the operator’s reputation, as well. We do that because we understand that the majority of NZ online casino gamblers do not have time for deep research of the best NZ online casino sites every time they want to play a game. Moreover, ambitious and excited beginner gamblers may not yet be aware of all the nuances and potential pitfalls of web gambling for real money.

These are the reasons why we put in all the work into exploring the top NZ online casinos, and making recommended lists. Below are some of the key aspects we pay attention to when checking casinos. Regular NZ online casino gamblers should consider these aspects, too, before they decide whether they should register and bet with real cash in this or that casino.

Ease of Use

The best online casinos should be comprehensive and easy to navigate, full stop. To earn potential customer’s trust, online casino should have a user-friendly design and navigation that does not prevent the reader from checking things out. All the rules and playing conditions should be explained clearly on the corresponding pages, and in T&C. No looping navigation, useless text pages, or lags are acceptable, because people upload their real data and send money to these sites.

Payment Options

Payment options should be explained clearly by the casino, and checked thoroughly by the new customer. New Zealand online casinos should have a healthy amount of payment options for both depositing and withdrawing, in NDZ and preferably in alternative currencies. The best NZ online casinos that do not have a default currency are more beneficial for NZ players, because default currencies are often USD or EUR. Deposit and withdrawal limits must be stated clearly, as well as withdrawal request processing time.

Exceptional Features

Today, there are so many casino sites offered to New Zealanders that, to draw attention and attract potential players, these sites really need to stand out from the crowd. This is why we always look for some exceptional features – big lobby, outstanding bonuses, rock-solid security, exceptional convenience, positive reputation over the years, innovative approaches, etc. Being just a decent casino site is not enough anymore, and we recommend you do not set for anything less than exceptional.

Game Diversity

At the time of writing, a decent casino site needs to offer at least 1000+ game titles, only to be competitive in the niche at all. Bigger sites have from 2000 to over 3000 game titles, and obviously the more the better. Few online casinos New Zealand specialize only on slots, most of them have different categories of games. We believe in variety because it promises more fun in the perspective. However, game diversity also depends on software providers, so the more the better as well.

Data Security

This is an important criteria we always double-check, because many excited newbie gamblers often fail to do so. Security is all about data protection and user’s privacy. The main aspects we always check about security include: reliable partners, adequate Privacy Policy, adequate Terms and Conditions, SSL encryption of all the incoming and outcoming data, additional security layers for customers when logging in to the account, and protection of information and documents uploaded to the best casino online NZ account.

Player Assistance

The main part of the player assistance is, of course, Customer Support. We prefer casino NZ online sites that give one or several phone numbers to reach out to them quickly if the need arises. The majority of sites, though, offer Live Chat and email only. The team behind email and Live Chat is however more important, because the way they respond, and the level of their dedication to player assistance can make it or break it. Some NZ casinos online offer personal managers for higher VIP account levels. We also pay attention to the presence or absence of Responsible gambling tools, and what authority is to handle customer complaints, if any.

Gambling Licensing Situation in NZ

New Zealand allows online gambling, but there is a nuance. Online NZ casino operators must not be registered and located in NZ, only abroad. Therefore, local casino owners cannot run websites targeting local gamblers. Only sites registered and run from offshore can target local casino players.

The reason why this is done is most likely because the local government is aware how hard it is to monitor and regulate online gambling activities. Perhaps change in legislation is on its way for New Zealanders, but currently, only foreign platforms that hold relevant international egaming licenses are allowed to accept NZ customers as real money players.

Another important nuance which is the consequence of the NZ government not currently issuing licenses for neither local nor international online casino sites is that, in case of any complaint from the customer, the government is not able to protect them. Only the license issuing authority, or other authorities indicated by the casino site as those handling customer complaints will be able to protect the customers’ interests. This is why New Zealand players should choose NZ best online casino sites licensed by reputable bodies. Some of them are MGA, UKGC, Alderney, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar. F bit less reliable but also popular are licenses by Cyprus and by Curacao.

Since local licenses are unavailable, players from NZ should look for any other proof of positive reputation on the casino site they prefer. These can be seals of trust, certifications about independent testing, etc. All extra measures to provide own safety should be taken by casino gamblers in NZ until the government starts licensing online casinos.

Online Casino Software – How It Works

To be able to assess an online casino site, and make an informed choice whether it is decent enough for real money gambling or not, every casino gambler should understand how the best online casinos and their software work. Some aspects of online gambling platforms depend only on the site and operator, while other things depend on partners, such as payment processing companies that power the banking options, and software developing companies that power the games in the lobbies. In the same way as casino sites do not invent their own banking methods, and use payment gateways, they also do not invent their own gaming software (very few do). Therefore, to assess how the site works, one should check both the website itself, and the software providers associated with it.

Outside the Casino

Online casino games software providers are software developing studios that make games, and also often offer different software solutions for different tasks. Mostly, they create games.

There are two main types of games – automated casino games, and Live Dealer games. Automated games are available on the site immediately, while Live games are hosted by the Dealers and streamed from special land based facilities. Whatever is the type of game, all of them are not actually owned or downloaded to the casino site. Casino sites only buy access to the games, and have the right to stream them on their platforms. The games are made, updated, and managed by the software providers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even NZ best online casinos cannot impact the outcomes of the bets unless they hack the gaming software. However, hacking the software will lead to the provider immediately taking measures, so this is not an option. All casino games except some Table Games, especially hosted by Live Dealers, cannot be impacted by the third party. All bet outcomes are defined not by a person, but by a remote (not belonging to a casino site) Random Number Generator.

Casino sites cannot impact how their partners work. However, they can change the rules applied to customers.

Inside the Casino

What casino sites can do is apply certain rules to the way their customers are allowed to deposit, play, and withdraw. New online casinos NZ can allow the fastest banking methods for deposits, but limit withdrawals to the slowest banking methods in the list. Casinos online NZ can allow Demo mode for unregistered visitors, or disallow it, even if the software provider themselves does allow the free Demo mode.

Casino sites create rules for their bonuses and promotions, and this part is not regulated by any authority, because bonuses are a fun part offered for entertainment, and the customer has the right to reject the bonus. However, violating the bonus rules can directly impact the withdrawal, and inexperienced gamblers can eventually lose their money after breaking the bonus rules. Eventually, casino site operators form Terms and Conditions that determine how the customers’ personal data and money will be handled. These are the main things controlled by casinos, and this is why two casino sites can be completely different in terms of customer benefits, despite having the same software providers, same games, and same payment methods.

Online Casinos in New Zealand FAQs

The rating of the top casinos online can change depending on the circumstances. This is why recommended casinos list change, too. In 2021, some of the best online casinos in NZ are listed on our site.

Yes, online casinos are legit in NZ, but only those operated from offshore.

Yes, winning real money at an online casino New Zealand is completely possible, if three requirements are met: 1) the casino is legit and reliable, and it actually does pay the winnings out to its customers 2) you do not violate any casino rules while playing for real money, and 3) you are simply lucky enough to win. This is it!

The best way to start playing without stress is to check online casino games for free in the Demo / Practice mode first. This way, you can check out the games, the rules, and providers, and decide what games you enjoy. Then, read online casino New Zealand reviews to understand how betting and especially bonuses work. Make sure you know all the banking rules, and how they can impact your gambling. After that, choose a reliable site and you are ready to go!