Best Online Casinos with Fast Payouts for Kiwi Players

Withdrawal is one of the most exciting parts of online gambling – after actually winning, of course. But withdrawal can also be stressful, especially when it takes a few days or even a week to complete. The longer you wait, the more obstacles can occur, and this is why so many gamblers are not happy with the casino sites of their choice, which otherwise provide decent customer service. If you are a frequent online casino gambler, take advantage of this overview, and choose the fastest payout online casino nz sites!

List of Top Same Day Payout Online Casinos in 2021

Winning real cash at an online casino is true fun and excitement. However, cashing it out can turn out to be a real problem, and in the best case scenario, the player just has to wait for their money for a few days, if not for a week. Irritation replaces excitement, and even if the casino site has all other important aspects in place – games, bonuses, tournaments, etc., – slow withdrawal spoils all the user experience.

As gamblers, we feel your pain, and this is why we have collected a list of the best online casinos that offer the best online casino payouts for NZ players. If you are a seasoned gambler and you know how withdrawals generally work, just take advantage of the list, choose your next best favourite casino, and start winning and cashing the winnings out!

If you are a beginner gambler, or would like to know more about the perks and pitfalls of casino withdrawals, please feel free to check the whole overview. It will help you make a more informed choice when choosing a same day payout casino from the recommended list.

How to Choose a Casino with Fastest Payout

When choosing an online casino, many aspects should be taken into consideration. If you are interested in fast payouts in the first place, then your main focus should be on two things – reliability, and fast withdrawals.


This stuff may seem complicated, but if you simply explore the website carefully, and then google the casino operator, you will be able to quickly find out the information you want to know. If you feel the fast payout casino is not reliable, don’t be afraid to drop it and just look for a different website which is better. The most convenient way is of course to check some highest payout online casino reviews, and choose from the lists of recommended casinos.

Fast Payouts

To choose a casino site with fast payouts, you will have to explore the Banking page and also the Terms and Conditions page. Here are the criteria you should be following:

As a rule, payment speed and convenience depends mostly on two elements – poor casino service, and player’s mistakes when depositing and gambling. Due to the lists above, you know what online casinos to choose, and how to evaluate them if you want to opt for those with fast payouts. Now, let’s find out how to avoid the most widespread players’ mistakes.

Causes of Payment Delays

To avoid payment rejections or delays caused by poor casino service, opt for reliable, reputable, and safe highest payout casino sites that truly care for their customers’ satisfaction. The easiest way to do so is reading online casino reviews often, check lists of the best sites, and of course explore each fastest payout casino site yourself before you gamble.

Yet, according to our experience, even gamblers that play at high quality reliable casinos can experience payment delays. In these cases, the main reason is that the players fail to pay attention to important rules or conditions applied to gambling. The list below shortly addresses the most widespread customer induced delays.


KYC is the Know Your Customer procedure, which is also called Account Verification. Without the account being verified, the withdrawal function is not available as such. Online casinos, especially reliable ones, avoid suspicious customers to the same degree as gamblers try to avoid scammy casinos. Security checks for account verification include checking the documents, or even a Skype call. Account verification can take some time, so the player should contact the Customer Support early, to make sure their account is verified, and the withdrawal function is unlocked.

Slow Banking Option

One of the most popular issues is simply choosing a slow banking option for withdrawal, like Visa/Mastercard cards, Bank Transfer, or cheque. Sometimes, users just have no other options in their jurisdiction, but this is not the case for New Zealand. Opt for the fastest option possible.

Bad Withdrawal Option Choice

Sometimes, the banking option for withdrawal is defined by the banking option chosen by the deposit, but the new customer that ignored the Terms and Conditions document is not aware of it. The point is, some casinos only allow withdrawals to the same banking channel used previously for depositing. Some banking options, however, can be either impossible for withdrawal (like prepaid vouchers), or may turn out too slow for cashing out. So, read all the rules carefully, and choose the right banking option early, when you deposit, to cashout fast when you withdraw.

Wagering Requirements

Ignoring the wagering requirements is one of the most widespread customer induced reasons for withdrawal delays or rejections. Meet the wagering requirements for the bonus you take, or for your initial deposit without bonus attached, and your best casino payouts will be seamless.

Withdrawal Request Processing Time

Withdrawals are not immediately processed by the payment companies of the customers’ choice. First, the withdrawal requests are checked by the casino team, to ensure all rules were followed by the player, and no unusual gambling patterns occurred. This takes around 24 hours in the best case scenario, but some casinos state they need 72 hours or even more. So, pay attention to the withdrawal request processing time (stated in T&C) and choose sites with the fastest procedure.

Violating the Gambling Rules

If the gambling rules are violated, withdrawal can be delayed, or completely rejected and the winnings forfeited. Violations may include: claiming a bonus on your deposit but making some real money bets with deposited money before the bonus is added (yes, this is already a violation); playing games other than recommended for wagering the bonus; making bets that exceed maximum bet size allowed with an active bonus; etc.

Sticky Bonus

Bonuses can impact the size and also speed of your withdrawal, but the worst bonus is the sticky one. Such bonuses are provided purely “for entertainment purposes” and never allow you to cash out anything you win by wagering the bonus. Avoid sticky bonuses at all costs, because you will be playing without cashout, which makes absolutely zero sense.

Advantages of Choosing the Same Day Payout Casinos

The main and most important advantage of fast payout casinos is, obviously, fast casino payouts! However, there are a bunch of other benefits that may not be so straightforward. Here they are:

High quality reliable casino sites that are interested in building long term relationship with their customers take efforts to provide the fastest and most convenient payouts.

Peculiarities of Fast Payout Casinos NZ

To enjoy all the perks offered by fast payout casinos for New Zealand, every casino gambler in NZ should keep in mind some rules and peculiarities that can eventually act as make it or break it factors.

Safe Withdrawals from Online Casinos in New Zealand

The process of placing a withdrawal request is simple. Casino gamblers must ensure they have not violated any gambling rules, and that they have met all the wagering requirements. Then, the gambler should go to their casino account, click Withdraw, choose the banking method and the sum they want to withdraw. After the transaction is confirmed, the casino team will get the withdrawal request and start processing it. As soon as the request is confirmed, the transaction will be processed by the payment company chosen, and the money will arrive in the ewallet, on bank account, or in crypto wallet.

To make withdrawals fast and even more secure, a couple of options should be considered.

Mobile Withdrawals

Gamblers who prefer playing casino games on mobile devices may also want to use payment methods that have official mobile apps. Having both apps – casino and payment – in one place makes payouts more convenient, and easier to track.

Withdrawal Limits

Keeping withdrawal limits in mind is a recipe for payout success. Always stick to the stated limits, to avoid rejected requests or delays. Some casinos limit not only the amount of money you can withdraw per transaction, per day, per week, and per month, but also the number of requests you can place at the same period of time. In the majority of cases, gamblers can only have a maximum three pending withdrawals at the same time.

Secure & Fast Withdrawal Methods

The speed of payouts depends heavily on how fast the casino team processes the requests. However, the banking methods, too, have certain terms. The table below shows an average withdrawal time for some of the most popular payment methods in New Zealand.

Summary of Fastest Payout Casinos

The best online casinos for New Zealand are the fastest payout casinos. Fast and easy payouts work for the benefit of both the player and the casino operator, because they build up trust of the players, and as a result, players tend to play more often, and more readily.

Casino sites should definitely do everything possible to make security checks for withdrawal requests as quick as possible (obviously without impact on safety and quality), in order to win the customers’ trust.

Online casino gamblers, in turn, should choose licensed and reliable casino sites that protect their players’ data and funds, and offer quick cashouts under beneficial conditions. This overview offers a list of ways to avoid some of the most widespread mistakes that can result in withdrawal rejection or delay. Online casino gamblers should also learn how to choose a quality casino site, and how to ensure their payouts will be safe and quick.

One of the best ways to avoid issues with payouts is to always read online casino reviews, and pick casino sites from the lists of recommended casinos.

Fastest Payout Casino FAQ

The online casino ratings change from time to time, depending on how well the casino sites meet new requirements and challenges. In the overview above, there is a list of recommended casinos that are the best for 2021.

Most often, fast withdrawals do not involve extra fees, but if the player places withdrawal requests too often, this approach can result in some extra fees.

Most of the time, payments can be delayed due to poor casino service. If the casino is reliable and reputable, but the payouts are often delayed, most probably the reason is that the player fails to follow all the gambling requirements.

There are two main limitations. The first limitation is withdrawal processing time; since it is defined by the security check procedures, it cannot be faster than it is. The second limit is the size of withdrawal per transaction, per day, per week, or per month; whatever is the speed of payout, cashing out more is impossible.

Ewallets like Skrill and Neteller, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, are currently the best for Kiwi online casino players who want their payouts fast.