Top Microgaming Online Casinos in NZ

Microgaming is an online casino software developer, and this company stands at the origins of online casino gambling on the global scale.

At the time of writing this overview, Microgaming has its products represented by almost 1,000 casino sites, all around the world, some being powered exclusively by this provider. Microgaming actually has so many games in its sleeve that it can host a couple of real money casinos with big lobbies, without games being repeated.

Having been in the industry for around 20 years, Microgaming has contributed a lot into the niche’s development, and also into customer satisfaction. Playing with Microgaming, you enjoy the highest quality mechanics, beautiful graphics, unique themes, and jaw-dropping wins.

To choose the best Microgaming casinos, and to play real money games by this provider with profit, take advantage of this detailed overview.

First-Rate Microgaming Casinos for Kiwis

Microgaming is one of the top online casino software providers in the world, and one of the true leaders of the niche. Therefore, it is only natural that offering games by Microgaming is basically a must have for a casino site, while not having any games by Microgaming at all already looks suspicious (unless Microgaming simply does not operate in the area, which is anyways not the case for New Zealand).

However, such abundance of Microgaming online casinos also creates additional difficulties when choosing a quality online casino to play for real money. While Microgaming does not collab with potentially unreliable or scammy sites, a software provider cannot regulate all the nuances and conditions of a casino site.

As a result, an online casino can be legit and safe, and offer games by Microgaming, but at the same time, some of its conditions may be unfavourable for the players. This is why we have created the best Microgaming casino list recommended for New Zealand gamblers.

List of Microgaming Online Casinos Pokies with Highest Payouts

When talking about the highest payouts in casino games, especially slots, there are two main criteria that should be considered.

The first criterion is variance, or volatility. Variance means the correlation between the frequency of wins, and the size of wins, in slots. The more paylines are active in the slot, the more frequent are the wins, but the size of the wins will be lower. This is a low variance slot.

In high variance slots, the number of paylines in the grid is smaller, and as a result, the player does not land winning combinations very often. However, the size of each win in this case is higher.

Depending on the budget, the player can build their gambling strategy around the slot variance, and choose high variance for big wins, or low variance to play for entertainment more than for profits.

Another criterion of high paying pokies is RTP – Return To Player rate. This is a percentage of bets that the player can eventually return in winnings, statistically, if they play long enough. For example, if you spend $100 for a 95% RTP slot, you can get $95 back eventually.

Microgaming makes some of the best paying pokies in the online gambing niche. Look at the RTP rate to choose the most profitable pokies.

Some of the best pokies go as follows:

Most Popular Progressive Jackpots

One of the most amazing things Microgaming is most known about is their Progressive Jackpots. Progressives differ from other slots with the jackpot feature, because progressives accumulate the size of the win not from one session by one player, but during all sessions by all players across all platforms. As a result, the winnings can be life changing.

The most famous progressives by Microgaming, and their starting jackpots, are:

About Microgaming Company

Microgaming LTD, based on the Isle of Man, UK, was founded back in 1994. It was one of the very first companies to start offering online casino gambling experience, in contrast to other very old gambling operators that have previously worked only with land based casinos, and perhaps were a bit reluctant to start this business in the digital niche. Already in 2004, Microgaming became one of the very first operators developing and promoting mobile gambling products.

Today, around 85% of casino sites globally present at least some games by Microgaming. This brand name became the synonym for high quality and all the good features you can expect from an online casino game. Starting, as everyone else, from downloadable software products, the company was also one of the first to change to instant-access games that could be played directly on site. At the time of writing this overview, Microgaming makes around 2-4 games per month, which is 4 times more than an average software provider in the online gambling niche.

Besides taking care of the user experience and customer satisfaction, Microgaming works hard towards making the egaming industry transparent, fair, respectable, and free of crime. This company is a co-founder of eCOGRA, the top independent testing and certifying agency in the niche. Microgaming imposes strict Responsible Gambling policies heavily, to make gambling safe, and currently partners with numerous young software developing studios, to share their highest standards across the industry.

Microgaming Mobile Slots for NZ

Microgaming was one of the first software providers to develop and introduce mobile games to the most advanced users back in 2004. Since then, the amount of all pokies by Microgaming, available on mobile, has increased considerably, while the mobile gambling niche itself has grown fast enough to compete with desktop casinos.

The majority of online casinos featuring Microgaming are already mobile-compatible. This means that they do not have their own mobile apps, but their desktop websites also have mobile versions attached. When opened via browser on a mobile device, be it smartphone or browser, the mobile version of the site is shown. It is lighter and sleeker, and the player has their games loaded faster.

Some of the newest Microgaming casinos offer their own mobile applications for iOS and Android. The apps can usually be downloaded from the application stores, or right on the casinos’ websites. Mobile apps for online gambling are also very convenient.

Mobile Pokies for Free

All fans of Microgaming pokies, regardless of whether they prefer gambling on desktop or on mobile, can also play almost all games by this provider free of charge.

Microgaming itself has many games on their site that can be played in the Demo mode, without registration. You cannot win any real money playing in Demo mode, but you also do not have to bet your own money.

The majority of sites, especially the new Microgaming casinos, also allow access to their lobby without registration, and you can play games for free without creating an account and depositing any cash. This way, you can check out how the games work, what are the rules, the features, the RTP rates, and the volatility, and choose the games you like most of all.

Safety and Security with Microgaming Online Casinos

Being one of the oldest software providers in te egaming niche, Microgaming has a very solid reputation. Firstly, it has contributed in actually making the egaming niche safer and more transparent, therefore, safety and security are some of the company’s main values.

Secondly, being a co-founder of eCOGRA, Microgaming has its games and other products tested and certified by this agency, and by other reliable agencies, as well. Being an example of security is all about Microgaming’s approach to business in such a complicated niche.

Moreover, almost all online casinos that have products by Microgaming in their lobbies, also hold international egaming licenses by the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most reliable regulators in the niche. This fact alone adds more security to gambling with Microgaming.

However, of course, different cases can happen, and some online Microgaming casinos may still be unfair to their customers, or offer unfavourable gambling conditions, regardless of offering Microgaming’s titles in their games library. This is why it is so important to explore and check every online casino you believe is good enough for real money gambling, and choose only the top Microgaming online casino sites out there.

How to Choose Microgaming Casino

When choosing a Microgaming casino site for real money play, several important aspects should be researched and evaluated. The first two are of course the quality of the site’s license, and the presence of Microgaming products in the lobby. If the license is reliable – like the one by MGA, Isle of Man, UKGC, etc., then one can proceed checking other aspects. There include:

Sometimes, assessing all these things can be overwhelming and stressful. This is why we offer a list of the best Microgaming casinos recommended for NZ players.

Microgaming Company Awards

Having been in the niche for so long, Microgaming has accumulated a long list of awards for being the leading, the best, and the most innovative studio. Some of the most outstanding awards include:

Variety of Microgaming Products to Play in New Zealand

In contrast to less lucky countries, New Zealand is a place where Microgaming can offer its products to local gamblers. Punters in NZ can enjoy the full array of titles and categories developed by this brilliant company. At the time of writing, according to some sources, the company already has around 1,000 games in their sleeve – and even if they don’t yet, well, they will soon have this number, because Microgaming makes 3-4 new games per month.

Currently, players in New Zealand can enjoy the following categories of games created by Microgaming:

Reasons to Play Microgaming

The main reason for playing titles by Microgaming is because their pokies are totally brilliant. They offer unique (or classic!) themes, beautifully made, accompanied with entertaining soundtracks; in other words, those pokies are visually and otherwise satisfying to play. The unique features and mechanics developed by the software provider will never make you bored.

Other considerable advantages of Microgaming include:


Besides outstanding and high-paying games, the majority of New Zealand gamblers like bonuses. Most Microgaming casinos tend to offer nice and attractive bonuses to both new and already depositing customers. The most widespread bonuses include:

While all bonuses may look really tempting, not all of them are beneficial for the customer, this is why it is very important to choose bonuses wisely, even if you gamble at a high quality Microgaming casino site. Some of the most popular bonuses that users choose are No Deposit, Welcome, and Free Spins. However, it is not the amount of money promised you should look at, but at the wagering requirements attached to the bonus.

All bonuses, with minor exceptions, are subject to the wagering requirements, which indicate how many times the amount given as a bonus should be fully wagered in real money games, before the player will be able to withdraw the winnings. The higher the wagering requirements, the less sense it makes taking such a bonus. Some rules even apply wagering requirements to the deposit and bonus together.

No wager bonuses are some of the most beneficial promotions for NZ gamblers. If you want to enjoy your gambling, choose low wagering or no wagering requirements promotions.

Responsible Gambling

Since Microgaming is one of the main advocates for the egaming industry’s safety, security, and transparency, the majority of online casinos displaying this provider’s titles have to follow a strict Responsible Gambling policy – especially if the site is licensed by MGA which is also a supported of Responsible Gambling and other preventative measures.

Responsible Gambling policies regulate how the casino should prevent its customers from developing gambling addictions. The main option is offering Responsible Gambling tools, which usually include:

The best Microgaming casinos have these tools available freely to the players right in the casino accounts, and the customers can control their gambling habits to prevent compulsive behaviors.

Microgaming Online Casinos FAQs

Pay attention to the site’s license, certifications, banking options, payment rules, other software providers represented, games in the lobby, and promotions available. Take your time to explore the site, evaluate the offers, and feel free to look for a different platform if you do not like the rules.

Most of Microgaming online casinos are secure and protect their customers’ data and funds. However, it is the gambler’s obligation to double-check every site before they deposit and bet real money there.

Yes, Microgaming pokies were created for winning real cash. If you want to win small sums frequently, choose low variance pokies. If you want bigger wins and are ready to wait, choose high variance pokies. All you need is to be lucky enough to win!

Microgaming holds the Guinness World Record for the highest jackpot win ever paid out: £13 213 838.68.